Features of Facebook Dating Site different from Other Dating Site

Features of Facebook Dating Site different from Other Dating Site: These days, online dating appears to be dicey. From ghosting to unsolicited dick pics, it may not be enticing to all to download apps to find love at first click. So if you’re not on the market to download another app and fill out an intelligent section “about me,” Facebook came up with the brilliant idea of linking you to people based on who you are.

Today, in the United States, Facebook Dating has opened, and it’s here to change the online dating game entirely. Based on shared interests, the platform will allow you to interact with similar minds and is designed to get you from behind the machine and into some real-life dates.

Features of Facebook Dating Site different from other Dating Site

Here are the three dopest features to be provided by Facebook Dating that make it distinct from other apps you may have tried.

1. You’ll find matches based on shared interests, not profiles

FBD is making it easier to find love with what you want, according to Nathan Sharp, Product Manager for Facebook Dating. You will be paired with individuals with whom you have items in common, such as interests, upcoming activities, and groups. “Sharp says, “It takes the hassle out of making a dating profile and gives you a more authentic look at who someone is.

A non-swiping dating experience where you won’t have to wait for anyone to like you to shoot your shot is Facebook Dating. “Simply drop a comment on their profile if you are interested, or press the “Like” button to let them know. You can move on to them if you are not involved. FBD isn’t going to pair you with mates by design. Nevertheless, if you have a crush on someone with whom you are already friends and want them to meet, click “Secret Crush,” and you can add your lists to each other. By the way, don’t worry about all of your nosey aunties in your company. Your real Facebook profile will not share any of your Facebook dating activities.

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2. No extra purchases are required

Facebook Dating is free, unlike other dating apps that cost the cash or charge for rewards such as “extra swipes” or a premium account. Even better, a completely opt-in experience is Facebook Dating. That means you won’t be registered on their dating site as a regular Facebook user unless you sign up. Of course, at any moment, you can uninstall your dating profile.

3. There are tons of ways to guard your safety and privacy on Facebook Dating

You can feel more at ease with the impressive “Share Live Location” feature of Facebook for those who have stayed away from online dating because of the inherent security issues. This tool enables users to share via Messenger the date, time, and location of their upcoming date with friends they trust. When your date comes up, the tool can also alert friends to remember to check-in.

And note, this is a forum for opt-ins. So, only your name and age will be moved from your Facebook profile to Facebook Dating when you sign up. Any other details you want to share, such as your gender identity, who you are interested in, pictures, events you are attending, and more, can then be picked.


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