Facebook Security Settings

With the level of online insecurities, people face these days, with the scandals and serious issues some individuals face as a result of sharing sensitive information on their profiles or timeline. Facebook security has become an issue of utmost concern.

Millions of people use Facebook, and when setting up accounts, they give out personal info and even post personal experiences or opinions on their timelines, sometimes this comes to haunt them.

Your Facebook profile is part of your life and the information there can be used against you if not properly secured. Now some employers even go through Facebook profiles of employees to find out some bits of information about them before employing them, which might either cost them getting the jobs or more.

Facebook Security Settings

The information posted by people on their timelines has been used in some cases to abuse and threaten them emotionally and even physically. Therefore, online security is important for users to feel safe while using these social media platforms and for the protection of their personal data on the platform.

Some Important Aspects Of Facebook Security Settings

With GDPR monitoring the way people’s private data are handled by Facebook, it has made Facebook to rather make serious amends for users’ online security. There are various Facebook security settings available on Facebook for users to control how much of their personal info are available to others on the platform.

Now it is left to you to decide who you want to share your information to. There are important aspects of Facebook security Settings you need to follow to keep your account and info secured on the platform.

  • When setting your Facebook account, it is very important you create a strong password that is accessible to only you. This can help prevent easy hacking of your account and it is the first step of keeping your account secured.
  • Determine who sees your profile; you can set it so that it can be seen by only you or you can make it visible to only your friends. There are options on Facebook for you to control who sees your Facebook profile and who doesn’t.
  • When posting on your timeline, you can also choose to post for only friends to see your posts, for the public or for just only you to see. You can choose for only friends to see your posts, to avoid letting your personal info accessible to strangers.
  • You can also hide certain timelines you do not wish for people to see on your wall, the option is right there on your Facebook.
  • It is also important to be aware of who you tag in your posts, choose people who are close to you or maybe just few people, the more people you tag, the more people that get to see your posts. And geotagging can make people get to know your location, if you don’t want that you can hide your location.
  • You can also block or report individuals who seem as a threat to you on Facebook, or pages which may seem offensive to you.
  • There are lots of options on Facebook geared towards protecting users’ privacy on the platform and ensuring their online security. However, users also have parts to play since it is in their hands to determine how much they want to share about themselves and who they want to share it with.

How To Set Up Facebook Privacy Settings

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Go to your Facebook settings on the menu bar
  • Then click on PRIVACY SETTINGS on the menu page
  • Then select an option on who sees your information and posts, if you choose PUBLIC your posts will be available to anyone who comes in contact with your Facebook profile. If you choose FRIENDS, your information will be made available to only your friends. By clicking CUSTOM, you can then choose the specific people, friends you want to see your posts or just only you. You can also type in the information of the person you wish to add on the list on the bar available on the option.
  • Whichever option you end up picking, click SAVE CHANGES to conclude the process, and your settings will be changed.

It is important to keep your information and posts secured on Facebook. Facebook knows how important users’ security is on the platform, and this is why there are many available options for you to keep your account secured.

Determine who sees your posts, and Facebook profile and status, you can limit it to just a few of your friends through custom settings, and keep your info secured online.

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