I Can’t Access My Hotmail Account


I Can’t Access My Hotmail Account – This post will be of great help when you can’t sign in to your Microsoft account: If you have forgotten your password or someone is attempting to break into your account, you will have Problems logging into Hotmail. Even on a device other than a device, even by logging in, Your standard one (Hotmail is detected by the IP address) will trigger system protection, All you need to do if this happens is to take these steps:

I Can't Access My Hotmail Account - When you can't sign in to your Microsoft account

Hotmail Login Error

Go to Hotmail.com or Outlook.com, and below the sign-in field you will see a link that reads “I can’t access my account” click on it, then you will see the following three options:

  • I forgot my password: Select this option and click “Next,” you’ll have to write
    your e-mail address or your phone number, and complete the captcha. You have
    two options, to use your alternative email address or your phone number and click
    “Next.” You will receive a link to create a new password (by e-mail), or a code to
    create a new password (by phone), follow the instructions and you’re done.
  • I know my password, but I can’t log in: For sign in, Hotmail will recommend you
    to write your e-mail address and password again, make sure it is correct if this
    doesn’t work you must write your e-mail, the captcha and follow the steps in the
    previous option.
  • I think someone else is using my account: You have to select why you think
    someone is using your account (Unauthorized purchases, for example) and then
    write your e-mail address, the captcha, and follow the steps in the previous options.
    To avoid these issues, we recommend using a strong password with more than 8
    characters, never disclose your information with people you don’t know or by using the
    “Remember my password” option on any shared device.

These options are quite useful if you forgot your password if Hotmail just block your access
(Security rules when signing in from another computer) it’s easy; you’ll see the option “I
was the one signing in” click it, and then write your phone number/alternative e-mail
address, and you’ll have access to it again.

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