Facebook Dark Mode And How to Enable The Night Mode On Facebook

Dark Facebook Mode and How to Activate Facebook’s Night Mode

As iOS 13 arrived on September 19, Facebook’s dark mode had arrived on the social media platform. On some mobile applications such as FB Messenger, however, few users know that the dark mode feature was already usable. On the Messenger app, here is a Facebook guide on how to allow Facebook night mode. Check out: How to see on Facebook your blocked contacts.

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The dark mode feature is the aesthetically pleasing choice on the screen of your mobile device to invert colors. Not only does the dark mode look very cool, but at night, it is also easier on the eyes and can also save your battery life. With FB Messenger joining applications, including Google Calendar and Firefox for iOS, integrating the dark mode feature, the night mode look is becoming an increasingly common alternative.


How do I activate the dark mode for the Facebook Messenger Application?

The second-most popular instant messaging program on the planet is FB Messenger.


With more than 1.29 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is second only to the more than 1.59 billion worldwide users of Facebook-owned WhatsApp.


Some Messenger users are unaware of the dark mode option that is now available on Apple iOS as well as Android devices for Facebook Messenger.

At present, simply by sending a crescent moon emoji, the FB dark mode setting can be unlocked.

If the emoji are sent by the users, you will be notified to activate your dark mode option for messenger.



Facebook Messenger dark mode: The feature is now available on the instant messaging application (Image: Getty)


The Messenger night or dark mode: it’s so easy to activate dark mode for Facebook Messenger App (Image: Getty)

Other famous applications with a dark mode option:

The night mode of Twitter is aesthetically pleasing, too.

You can activate the Dark or Night mode by navigating to the application’s Messenger Settings section, then selecting Display and Sound and turning on the Night / Dark Mode function.

There is also an option for the dark mode to switch on at night automatically and then switch off in the morning automatically.

You can allow Reddit’s dark mode, too, if you own a Reddit app. Simply press the menu on the left side of the screen and tap Settings, then switch on Night Mode.

Users can also change how dark the colors are by selecting the night theme and selecting their personal choices.

Reading at night on a light backdrop is typically difficult on the eyes, which means that the Apple Books app provides numerous color choices, including night mode.

Click the “Aa” icon next time you read, then click the color to the far right of the page.



FB Messenger dark mode: The look is quickly becoming an increasingly popular feature (Image: Getty)


The night / dark mode of Messenger: The instant chat application is second only to the WhatsApp owned by Facebook (Image: Getty)

If they want to let their Apple computer automatically handle it for them, Messenger users can also change the brightness, or allow the automatic Night mode theme.

Naturally, the applications of the Kindle reader boast a similar night / dark mode feature.

To show the various keys, click or tap on the screen while reading.

Choose the “Aa” button, then, at the very bottom of the panel, choose Black.

The Conclusion:

The dark Facebook mode is aesthetically pleasing and provides the eyes with great assistance. It keeps the battery high and relaxes the eyes.

In the past, have you tried using this feature? Tell us in the comment box about your experience(s).

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