Sign in Tinder with Facebook | Benefit of Connecting Tinder and FB

Tinder is one of the most popular apps available today for dating. When using the  Tinder framework, many users would like to preserve anonymity. You can wonder if your friends or family will see your Tinder behavior as the program offers users to sign in using Facebook credentials.

To set up your Tinder profile, you can use Facebook to do so, You will be asked to set up an account and sign in if you have downloaded the Tinder application from the App Store or Google  Play store.

Tinder gives you the option of signing in with your Facebook profile or signing up for a  Tinder account using your phone number.

Few Benefits of Facebook Sign-Up 

There are a lot of advantages to using your Facebook information to set up your Tinder app;

  •  It is easier to integrate your Facebook account into your Tinder app, from saving time to ease of access.
  • Users who start their Tinder accounts as a Facebook account extension can experience simplified logins.
  • Facebook can keep you logged into the app instead of using your phone number to connect to the program every time you use it.
  • With Facebook, setting up your profile is also simpler. It’s a lot easier to use timeline pictures, profile images, and other information if you offer Tinder access to your Facebook page.
  • By creating the account this way, you would not have to manually enter your personal information. If you connect them, Facebook will provide your new account with all of the required data.  The benefits of using Facebook and Tinder together are enjoyed by many people.

Linking the two together is the ideal harmony of the app, from easier setup to smoother access and even account recovery. Aside from the advantages, you might be worried about adding a dating app to your Facebook. What if there is something your professional contacts and family members see that they shouldn’t? When do you want to keep your use of dating apps secret, what if your Facebook friends see that you’re using Tinder?

You can find out the details that Facebook shares on the Facebook Privacy page for third-party applications.


Tinder – Privacy

Would your mates on Facebook know that you’re on Tinder? There’s nothing Tinder ever posts to your Facebook. Your Facebook friends have no way of seeing your Tinder profile from Facebook, but they may see that you are using the Tinder app.

Therefore to ensure that you preserve your privacy regarding your use of dating apps such as Tinder via your Facebook account, you should take a few extra security measures.

You connect the two apps when you use Facebook to sign in to Tinder, your Facebook friends may be able to see your Tinder in your linked apps,  depending on your privacy settings. While they’re not going to see your dating profile, for some this could cause concern.


Here’s how you can ensure that all your applications stay private:

  • Link to Facebook
  • Click on the Down Arrow at the top right of the browser on your computer.
  • Tap or tap Setup
  • Pick ‘Apps and Websites.’ This option is available from the menu on your screen’s left-hand side.
  • In the Applications and Websites list, locate the Tinder App
  • Tap on Visibility for App.
  • Now on Facebook, you can select your audience. The best choice is to guarantee that no one except you will see it.

There’s really no need to allow anyone to see what Facebook applications you have signed up for.

You can alter its visibility once you’ve found the Tinder app. Is there any other way that your friends on Facebook will find out that you are on Tinder? Your dating app privacy is protected on Facebook after you have taken the above measures.

If they happen to meet your dating requirements, you can run into your Facebook friends on Tinder. They’ll never know they’ve appeared in your stack if you swipe right. There have been attempts in the past to more closely connect Tinder and Facebook,  but time has shown that it was not a successful idea.

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