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Facebook Desktop Avatar – Facebook Avatar on Desktop | Facebook Avatar 2020 – Facebook Avatar on Desktop” If you have really been active on Facebook, you would find out that the platform was flooded with so many cartoonlike images. These images are called Facebook avatars. These images or avatars can be created by anyone who has a Facebook account and has the feature rolled out to them. Facebook avatars are the Facebook answer to the Snapchat bitmoji. IF you have used Snapchat before, you would know that Snapchat’s bitmoji are lovable 3d characters. Bitmoji is one of the reasons why many people use Snapchat today. It comes as no shock to us that it attracts users to the platform.

Facebook Avatar on Desktop

Facebook Avatar on Desktop

I am sure that you’ve probably read many articles about the Facebook avatar or you have been seen for a long time now. These avatars are usually created using a smartphone. Most of the article would tell you to download the Facebook mobile application or messenger to create a Facebook avatar. What happens if you don’t have a smartphone and you are only using your PC?  Well, will you still be able to create Facebook avatars? Facebook avatar has been around for some time now, but it was launched to some users only a few years back.

How to Create Facebook Avatar on Desktop

Can Facebook avatar be created using your PC or desktop? Quite frankly, the answer is no for now. It may be available in a few months’ time but right now, it is impossible. This doesn’t stop you from using Facebook avatars on desktop or PC. After creating a Facebook avatar using your smartphone, it can still be used in conversations and comments from your PC. At the moment, Facebook is just limited to making Facebook avatars on desktop or PC. Don’t be discouraged but keep on reading as I would be showing you the necessary steps to take in creating your Facebook avatar.

Create Facebook Avatar

Want to create a Facebook avatar? Then this is the section for you. IF you have been seeing your friend’s avatar on Facebook and you still don’t know how to go about making yours, then this is the section for you. Follow the steps below to create your own avatar on Facebook.

  • Open the application drawer on your device and launch the Facebook app (make sure it is updated to the latest version).
  • Hit the menu icon at the upper right corner of the page (it is represented with three vertical lines).
  • From the menu, scroll down to find “See More” and click on it.
  • Select “Avatar” from the new menu.
  • You should see a new screen that says “Make Your Avatar”.
  • Click on the button.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to get you to the avatar creator page.

Now, start customizing your Facebook avatar. You would have to start from the head of the avatar by choosing a hairstyle, eyes, nose, ears, etc. and move all the way to the outfit. After customizing your Facebook avatar, you can now start using them in comments and conversations.

Where to Find the Create Facebook Avatar Prompt

Facebook made a post on how users can find the option to create their own Facebook avatar and they listed three different sections on the Facebook platform. Here are they;

  • Avatar Sticker: There is a new avatar sticker on Facebook messenger that you can click to get the create Facebook avatar option. This is the button you hit when you want to use your Facebook avatar in conversations.
  • Avatar Post: If you see any of your friend’s Facebook avatar posts and the feature has been rolled out to you, you should see a “try It” button at the bottom of the avatar.
  • Bookmarks: The bookmark is also known as the Facebook menu. You can click the “See More” option and go to the avatar from there.
  • Facebook Comments: Facebook avatars can also be created from the comment section of a Facebook post.

Those are the places to access the create Facebook avatar option.


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